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Social Media Consultant, Comic Editor, Freelance Journalist, and lover of all things geeky.

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Why Captain America Shouldn't Be a Jerk | The Young Folks

Captain America doesn't need to be a prick to be interesting. With other dark, gritty heroes becoming a dime a dozen we need a little Cap to balance things out....

Orci and kurtzman 1024x686 article

Roberto Orci Heads New Star Trek, Paramount Worried | The Young Folks

With Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtman splitting, upcoming Star Trek 3 marks Orci's directorial debut, but should Paramount be more worried about Orci's connection with fans?...

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Top Ten Superhero Movies To Date | The Young Folks

There have been so many superhero movies released in the last decade that the question often pops up, what exactly are the best superhero movies to date?...


What We’ve Been Playing: 3/22/14 | The Young Folks

Welcome to the newest column here at The Young Folks: What We've Been Playing. Here we will spotlight any fun games that our writers have been sinking their teeth into. Any and all video games are fair game so you can expect see the newest releases as well as retro-gaming...

Constantine nbc tv show article

Will NBC Acknowledge Constantine's Bisexuality in Upcoming Series? | The Young Folks

Constantine is bisexual in the original Hellblazer comics, but will NBC and co. acknowledge the characters sexuality in the anticipated TV show?...